Take a moment and think about an important life
goal you want to reach, a significant change you're attempting to make, or an area where you've always wanted to improve the quality of your life. If you found a way to greatly increase your chances of success, would you do it?


I desire to help you more fully fulfill your God given purpose in life by accelerating your accomplishment of God given dreams and clearing out things that distract or hinder your progress. I believe that through the support, encouragement, and accountability of a coaching relationship I can help you achieve a greater Godly balance to your life, enabling you to expand the kingdom of God in your life and the life of others.


Let me share a few distinctive qualities that set my coaching relationships apart from others.


*Gain a Kingdom Perspective
I'll help you see how God is at work in you in every circumstance you are in, positive or negative. Everything works together for good when you embrace this growth attitude.


*Accomplish your dreams
You'll develop your dreams into concrete goals and actions you can take to accomplish them. Making progress on your God given dreams will increase your energy level and reduce stress in your life.


*Revel in Relationship
You'll receive the gift of an authentic, encouraging and supportive relationship. Great relationships empower you to reach higher and be your best!


If you want to get the most out of life, take the coaching challenge: call me today, and find out what having a personal coach can do for you!

Ed Paul

Ed Paul - Professional Life Coach to IT Professionals, Military Personnel, and Ministry leaders in health, finances, work transitions, balance, and calling and destiny.



*20 years experience in the Information Technology field

*20 years experience in Army Reserve Component, enlisted and commissioned officer, Army Reserves and National Guard

*More than a dozen years experience part time serving in many different ministries, leading Bible studies, and encouraging others in their spiritual growth

* Certified Life Focus coach through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching.



While I coach in a wide variety of areas, here are a few favorites:

*Career military professionals.

*Information Technology professionals.

*Ministry leaders.

*Calling and destiny discovery.

*Bringing balance & rest into life.

*Health improvement

*Financial improvement



Ed Paul


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